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Antiage EGF Epidermal Growth Factor Anti-aging Whitening Spot Full Skin Repair 10x3ml
Name: Antiage EGF Epidermal Growth Factor Anti-aging Whitening Spot Full Skin Repair Serial number: VZp-L Unit Type: 10x Kits (1x Kit=0.09fl.oz/3ml)
Item ID #VZp-L

Properties: growth factor, healing; increases skin renewal; anti-age. This is the active in ReVive; EGF is also present in trace amounts in the growth medium used by Skin Medical for its products. Now you can add Skin Actives EGF to any cream or lotion in a therapeutic concentration.

Note:  This is one of our specialty proteins (see also superoxide dismutase) made by Skin Actives Scientific using biotechnology. Biotechnology is a short name for an array of sophisticated methods that allow us scientists to make large amounts of a single protein, almost pure and fully active protein at a fraction of the cost of extracting it from the plant.

Use: our Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is very powerful. Remember that EGF is a "signal" and not a nutrient, so you need very little for it to work! You will hardly see the EGF at the bottom of the small tube. It is kept very concentrated to preserve its activity. Store in the  refrigerator until you are ready to use it.
When ready to use, add the contents of the second tube (saline solution) to the tube containing EGF and close.
Mix by inverting and straightening the tube several times. The EGF is now ready or so of your cream or lotion. DO NOT BE TEMPTED to use it more concentrated than this. A growth factor is similar to a hormone: very little (it is measured in micrograms, one millionth of a gram) will go a very long way.

Further information: this small protein (only 53 amino acids) was found to  enhance epidermal growth and keratinization. Work by Cohen(Nobel Prize in  Medicine) and his collaborators demonstrated that EGF directly  stimulated the proliferation of epidermal cells, and this stimulatory action of EGF did not depend on other systemic or hormonal influences. Cells that respond to EGF do so because they have receptors on the cell membrane that  recognize the factor (which has been produced by cells that may be near or far from the target cell). The binding of the growth factor to the receptor initiates a cascade of molecular events that will eventually lead, among  other effects, to cell division. Among the practical uses of EGF are its use in accelerating healing of skin and cornea.

 Auction Includes:  10x Kits (1x Kit=0.09fl.oz/3ml)