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1 Big Box=12 Small Boxes=12 Tubes Super Silver Fox Aphrodisiac Powder Sex Drops
Serial number: SE_SF-L Net weight: 170g
Item ID #SE_SF-L
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 Super Silver Fox Aphrodisiac Powder Sex Drops Sex Drop High Grad Female Libido Enhancer


    This product has been good news for those women who love sex because of its ability to meet their expectations.
    Silver Fox does not have any side effects and that is why it is the best option.
    Silver Fox can help a woman with low libido to become more effective in bed within a very short period of time.
    It is possible for a woman to get aroused in less than 5 minutes after using Super Silver Fox.
    There is no other sex enhancer in the market that can actually achieve this.
    Silver Fox is also known for enhanced sensation and multiple fast orgasms that are in most cases unexpected.
    Those who have tried Silver Fox have actually fallen in love with the product because of its ability to increase their sex drive quicker than expected.

Simply mix SilverFox powder easily with soft drinks, water or coffee.

The ingredients of Silver Fox are safe and natural and therefore there is no need to worry about side effects. Women who want to fulfill the sexual desires of their men should try Silver Fox. It is a magic potion without any color or smell, and is quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks without being noticed.

Women typically feel sexually aroused within 5 minutes of taking Silverfox.

The ingredients are safe and natural and therefore there is no need to worry about side effects, however – please do not use excessively or if you have any medical conditions.

Effect varies with different people

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