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10mg * 30pcs /box Domperidone Slice Help Digestion 多潘立酮片_三精
Serial number: WM_sDprdn Net weight: 35g
Item ID #WM_sDprdn
Quantity Range
Price(Per Piece)
1 $4.99€4.34£3.84AU$6.84CA$6.54 $0.00€0.00£0.00AU$0.00CA$0.00
3 $4.49€3.91£3.46AU$6.15CA$5.88 $0.50€0.43£0.39AU$0.69CA$0.66
5 $3.99€3.47£3.07AU$5.47CA$5.23 $1.00€0.87£0.77AU$1.37CA$1.31
10 $2.99€2.60£2.30AU$4.10CA$3.92 $2.00€1.74£1.54AU$2.74CA$2.62
20 $2.69€2.34£2.07AU$3.69CA$3.52 $2.30€2.00£1.77AU$3.15CA$3.01
50 $2.29€1.99£1.76AU$3.14CA$3.00 $2.70€2.35£2.08AU$3.70CA$3.54
100 $1.99€1.73£1.53AU$2.73CA$2.61 $3.00€2.61£2.31AU$4.11CA$3.93

Domperidone Slice Help digestion 多潘立酮片 三精

Product Features:

- Specification: 10mg * 30pcs /box

- Functional indications: Help digestion, for indigestion, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting,  abdominal distention.

- Validity: 36 months

- Usage and dosage:



- Oral,one tablet, three times a day, 15 to 30 minutes before the meal


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